Meet Carolyn

I live at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in my native Colorado, USA with my husband and our cats. Doing something I love in my home studio is a blessing. My artwork is an extension of who I am; my hopes, dreams, thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

As long as I can remember, my family was very creative and I have been involved in sewing and crafts from a very early age. My father and brother were/are great woodworkers; my mother was an excellent seamstress and loved all crafts; and my grandmother crocheted doilies. My sister and I still love to craft together.

When I was married my husband and I moved around the country due to his military commitment. I continued to learn new crafts, began quilting, became a florist, and found cross stitch. The first pieces I stitched were four seasonal designs that I purchased as kits. I was hooked and could not stitch fast enough. I quickly learned to change colors and parts of the pattern as desired.

Once my daughter was born, I continued to stitch and quilt to decorate our home and for gifting opportunities. Making things for other people has always brought joy, and I was being asked to sell some of my pieces. I made things to put on consignment in a local gift shop and it soon became a challenge to keep up with the demand.

After moving back to my native Colorado, I began selling my pieces at holiday time through a show in my home, which led to participating in craft shows held at local schools. Each year I created products in support of 3 to 4 shows each year. My products included a variety of things from cross stitched items to small quilts, hand painted ornaments and teddy bears. In 2022 I began creating designs and patterns of my own. KiraLyns Needlearts was established by combining my daughter and my names. Being completely self-taught, I have the freedom to design original patterns. Today things made by hand are rare. They represent a love of craftsmanship, inspired by a tradition of artistry, handed down over generations. I hope my designs will be stitched and loved for many years to come.

For me, the source of inspiration comes from childhood memories, vintage art and illustrations. I love the shabby chic style, however I do not try to stay within one design area. I love to add small details to each piece I design.

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