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The At the Bakery Collection at KiraLyn’s Needlearts was inspired by the lovely little bakery that offers special treats for special occasions or just because you need a treat.

  • January – Crystal Bakery
  • February – Valentine Bakery
  • March – Leprechaun Bakery
  • April – Bunny’s Bakery
  • May – Yet to Come
  • June – Strawberry Bakery
  • July – Freedom Bakery
  • August – Bea’s Bakery
  • September – Sunny’s Bakery
  • October  – Autumn Bakery
  • November – Pilgrim’s Bakery
  • December – Vintage Christmas Bakery

The inspiration behind the At the Inn Collection at KiraLyn’s Needlearts is the quiet peaceful place we dream of to relax and enjoy our surroundings. A place to celebrate a holiday or special occasion

  • January – Winter House
  • February – Rose Cottage Inn
  • March – Dublin Inn
  • April – Tulip Inn
  • May – Lilac Inn
  • June – Strawberry Inn
  • July – Liberty Inn
  • August – Bee’s Inn
  • September – Sunflower Villa
  • October  – Black Cat Inn
  • November – Pumpkin Inn
  • December – No Room

The Have a Cuppa Collection at KiraLyns Needlearts honors those little coffee shops where people gather to catch up and enjoy a cup of their favorite hot beverage. Be it coffee, tea or hot cocoa, this collection offers a variety of special treats.

  • January – Crystal Cafe
  • February – Cupids Tea Room
  • March – Quinn’s Coffee Shoppe, Irish Breakfast Tea
  • April -Bunny’s Cafe
  • May – Lady Grey
  • June – Berries
  • July – Sam’s Coffee Shop
  • August – Honeycomb Tea Shop
  • September – Sunflower Bistro
  • October – Pumpkin Spice
  • November – Friendship Tea
  • December – Hot Cocoa

The From the Heart Collection by KiraLyns Needlearts offers sampler heart designs with a word for the season.

  • February – Love is Patient
  • March – Good Luck
  • April – Faith

The Hillside Collection at KiraLyn’s Needlearts was inspired by the quaint little towns you find on a hill or mountainside.

  • January – Snowman Frolic
  • February – Loveland Hill
  • March – Shamrock Hill
  • April -Tulip Hill
  • May – Yet to Come
  • June – Strawberry Hill
  • July – Freedom Hill
  • August – Honeybee Hill
  • September – Sunflower Hill
  • October – Pumpkin Hill
  • November – Turkey Hill
  • December – Sweet Christmas and Oh Little Town

The inspiration behind the Little Light Collection at KiraLyn’s Needlearts was the song we sung as children. This collection depicts the light from candles and lanterns that helps light our way.

  • January – Light the Way
  • February – Be Light
  • March – Light Your Way
  • April -Yet to Come
  • May – Yet to Come
  • June – Yet to Come
  • July – Yet to Come
  • August – Yet to Come
  • September – Yet to Come
  • October – Let your Light
  • November – Light of Mine
  • December – Light of the World

The Quilting Bee Collection at KiraLyn’s Needlearts was inspired by beautiful quilt blocks from the past and present that reminds us of a warm cozy hug.

  • January – Bear Paw
  • February – Appliqued Hearts
  • March – Irish Chain
  • July – Sawtooth Star
  • August – Grandmother’s Flower Garden
  • September – 9 Patch
  • October – Maple Leaf
  • November – Flying Geese
  • December – Log Cabin

The Roadside Stand Collection at KiraLyn’s Needlearts was inspired by the lovely stands we see along a roadside offering things for sale and for free. Kind of a farmers market of sorts.

  • January – Let it Snow
  • February – Valentine Farms
  • March – Sheep Farm
  • June – Strawberry Lemonade
  • August – Honey for Sale
  • September – Sunflower Farms
  • October – Pumpkin Patch
  • November – Turkey Acres
  • December – Trees for Sale

The Welcome Home Collection at KiraLyn’s Needlearts was inspired by a home’s front door that welcomes us home, and surrounding decorations.

  • January – Winter Blessings
  • February – Love Lives Here
  • March – Irish Welcome
  • April –
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October – Autumn Welcome
  • November – Enter with Thanksgiving
  • December – God Bless Us

The Around the Block Collection at KiraLyns Needlearts was inspired by wooden children’s blocks with a bit of a twist. Little village shops

  • Freedom Block


The Valentine Collection at KiraLyn’s Needlearts celebrates love and things from the heart.

  • You are Loved
  • LoveBug
  • With Love
  • Love

The Patriotic Collection Series at KiraLyn’s Needlearts includes red, white and blue designs that share your patriotism. 

  • Land that I Love
  • Grand Old Flag
  • America
  • Never Forget

The Christmas Collection at KiraLyn’s Needlearts celebrates the most wonderful time of the year.

  • What Can I give Him
  • Tidings
  • Noel
  • Mary did you Know
  • Tidings of Joy
  • Oh Christmas Tree
  • Noel Block
  • Gloria
  • Joy

The Ornaments Collection at KiraLyns Needlearts offers a tiny design that can be displayed on a tree, or hung in a special place. These designs can be also displayed as bowl fillers or stitched together in a larger project.

  • Holy Night Ornaments 1
  • Holy Night Ornaments 2
  • Strawberry Trio

The Reason Collection at KiraLyns Needlearts offers one new ornament each month in 2024 featuring Christmas Carols and the real reason for Christmas.

  • January – Adore Him
  • February – No Crib for a Bed
  • March – Heaven and Nature

The Easter Collection at KiraLyns Needlearts celebrates the true meaning of Easter, rabbits, sheep, new life and other things we see in Spring.

  • Lilies
  • Crown of Thorns
  • Sheep
  • He is Risen
  • New Life

The Spring Collection at KiraLyn’s Needlearts celebrates all things Springtime. This collection includes new life in the Spring, tiny birds, and gardening.

  • Garden Angel
  • Cottage Garden
  • April Showers
  • Spring Planting
  • Waiting for Spring
  • Out like a Lamb
  • Sowing Seeds

The Summer Collection at KiraLyn’s Needlearts celebrates all things Summertime. This collection includes beach designs along with travel and dreams of the perfect vacation.

  • Flamingo Bay
  • Strawberry Seeds

The Autumn Collection at KiraLyns Needlearts brings you lots of pumpkins and Autumn designs for your home décor and  Fall decorating.

  • Kindness
  • Thanks
  • Harvest
  • HoneyBee

The Winter Collection at KiraLyn’s Needlearts was inspired by the blanket of snow that brings sweet snowmen and peacefulness to our world. A get-away to a mountain cabin to enjoy skiing, sledding, a walk in the snow and maybe a ride in a horse drawn carriage.

  • Frosty

The Blessings Collection at KiraLyns Needlearts brings you little blessings from songs, scripture and words of wisdom to encourage you along the way.

  • Amazing Grace

The Celtic Collection at KiraLyns Needlearts offers lots of Irish designs for your home to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or Springtime.

  • Claddagh

The Encouragement Collection at KiraLyns Needlearts brings words of wisdom and designs to support cancer awareness.

  • Hope Blossoms
  • Hope